Howdy y’all!

Boon Band is an independent digital product design agency based in Lviv, Ukraine. Established in 2019, with a solid background where the executive members have over 12 years of practice in user experience, product design, and web development sphere. We provide a wide range of expertise for our clients and partners around the globe.

Our band values include honesty, transparency, and a commitment to delivering top-notch quality work.

What “Boon” is meaning ?


A boon is something that brings you good luck or is helpful and beneficial.


It can be a blessing or a favor that makes your life better.

Our team


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Chief Technical Officer


Chief Operating Officer


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QA Engineer

Why choose us?

Our work principles

1. Think about the result

Over the years in this industry, we have learned one simple thing: only 20% of the functional feature of any development product are necessary for its potential users. Thus, these features contribute to 80% of the project’s success.

As a result-oriented company, we know how to identify those 20% of features and boost their functionality to the highest possible level. This approach helps us make the best possible contribution to the project’s success.

2. Achieve maximum customer satisfaction

The needs of our customers matter more than anything else. We understand that you have your own vision of the digital product and you know how it is supposed to achieve success. Our function here is to assist you.

We achieve customer satisfaction by following all the requirements provided to us. We also ensure a robust user experience. Thus, your customers will be satisfied alongside you!

3. Check and adapt

We fully realize that complete perfection is impossible. But who said that we shouldn’t do our best to achieve it? How is it possible? It’s very simple and complicated at the same time!

The simplicity is that we just conduct multiple quality assurance procedures to ensure that the final product corresponds to all the pre-determined requirements. The complicated part of this approach is that this takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. But we are ready to make as many quality assurances as necessary to achieve the best possible result!

4. Always improve

We are a growing bureau and we don’t want to stop at the current point of our development. We work every day to improve the quality of our products and services.

Constant improvement is also relevant for our digital products even after their final launches. Our specialists provide top-notch maintenance tools or support your products on their own, in order to ensure that the project will have the capabilities to scale and bring you more benefits.

5. Be a passionate professional

Many years of experience and advanced expertise in digital product development aren’t enough to achieve success. The common belief of our development bureau is that you have to be passionate about what you do!

Our passion helps us to set the most ambitious goals and achieve them in minimum time. This characteristic is what motivates us to start working on promising projects and achieve success side-by-side. Passion is what drives progress and we would like to lead this progress together with your projects!


What our clients say

BOON BAND provides services on time and according to our expectations. Every time they SURPRISE with THEIR professional problem-solving skills and valuable knowledge that accelerates the growth of the TOR AUTO company. From the first year of cooperation with the agency, our results increased to 200%, from the second year to 400%.

Volodymyr Tsipinyo Owner, Top Auto Trade