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Project Manager

Project Manager
We appreciate your interest in the Project Manager role at our company. This task aims to evaluate your project management skills, your ability to develop comprehensive project plans, and your ability to foresee potential challenges.

Project Overview

Our company operates an online sneaker store. We are planning to introduce a new feature: an AI/ML recommendation system. The main goal of this feature is to personalize the shopping experience by providing customers with tailored sneaker recommendations based on their previous purchases, viewed items, and shopping patterns.


  • Project Plan: Develop a detailed project plan for implementing this AI/ML recommendation system. The plan should cover key tasks, timeframes, required resources, and a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks that could occur during the project and suggest strategies for mitigating these risks.
  • Success Criteria: Define what success would look like for this project. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the AI/ML recommendation system after it’s implemented?


The project plan should adhere to project management best practices and be realistic and comprehensive.

  • Be sure to consider all potential stakeholders and their specific roles.
  • Ensure your risk assessment is thorough and that your risk mitigation strategies are effective.
  • Success criteria should be quantifiable and directly tied to the project’s objectives.


Please submit your completed task within 7 days of receiving it.


Your work will be evaluated based on:

  • The detail and completeness of your project plan.
  • Your approach to stakeholder management.
  • The thoroughness of your risk assessment and the effectiveness of your risk mitigation strategies.
  • The relevancy and measurability of your success criteria.

We appreciate your time and effort, and look forward to reviewing your submission.


Please submit your work to hr@boon.band.

Please note that this task is purely for evaluation purposes and your work will not be used commercially by our company.

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