Test assigment

WordPress developer

WordPress developer
Hello and thank you for undertaking this Test Assignment!


  1. Check the technical requirements carefully twice before starting to do the Test.
  2. Any aspect that is omitted in Technical Requirements is left for your consideration: maximum quality
    level is what we expect from you.
  3. Track the time spent for each Test stage and note it.
  4. After finishing the Test, put all source files and in one archive.
  5. Place the archive in the cloud storage (DropBox or Google Drive with open access via link) with naming
    convention firstname_lastname_date.zip
  6. Publish your test work on any hosting
  7. Submit results to the hr@boon.band


You have an archive and design at your disposal, available via the links below.

Your task is to demonstrate your experience, professionalism, and approach to solving tasks of various complexity, exemplified by the implementation of a test project. Each task can be solved in thousands of ways, and there is no single correct solution. We are particularly interested in your approach.

However, as much as we’d like to be creative and think outside the box, our work often obliges us to deliver specific, pre-described functionality that the client has approved.
Therefore, when performing the test, we kindly ask you to adhere to the brief and not deviate from the intended results. Let’s get started!


Based on your completion of the initial brief, you’ll be granted access to the subsequent one (optional). We appreciate your cooperation and will be in touch after our assessment.

In this project, you’ll be tasked with creating a basic WordPress theme, including specific components like a header, footer, homepage section, and a thank you page. Our team will rigorously review your code for its quality, adherence to best practices, and compatibility with our systems. Additionally, we will be testing your theme for responsiveness on mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience across multiple screen sizes.

The following points must be followed:

  • Create Basic WordPress Theme . Be sure to include all necessary files and follow best coding practices. Create a base template using https://underscores.me/
  • Header Development. Make a header editable via wp nav menu. With support of multi-level menu. At least 2 level are required.
  • Footer Development. Build a footer that includes menu widgets and copyright information.
  • First Section of the Homepage. Implement the first section of the homepage as per the design provided. Ensure the content is editable from the backend, and it maintains responsiveness across different devices. The blocks must be implemented using ACF blocks – https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/blocks/
  • Thank You Page. Create a Thank You page

Remember, the goal is to showcase your expertise and creativity in WordPress theme development, while adhering to the given brief and design guidelines. Thank you!

Upon completing tasks, please send your work to our email hr@boon.band for review.
What we expect to see:

  1. Link to zip archive with ready WordPress theme for code review
  2. URL of WordPress website
  3. WP-admin with administrator access
  4. Notes with spent time
Submit your work