A long time has passed since our CEO, Ilya Pavlov decided to create the first website on WordPress for personal needs. It was back in 2008 but I remember it like it was yesterday. And wow, have we come a long way since then!

We do something more than simply develop projects on WordPress. We acquired a lot of skills and experience when our team used to be a dedicated part of this big community. Thus, we had the possibility to moderate community themes and develop unique plugins. We also enjoyed the privilege of selling products as active members of this specialized network.

Many years have passed since we started working with this CMS, and despite all the successes and failures we faced in this way, WordPress remains our favorite solution.

Isn’t it interesting why we are so passionate about it? Are you curious about the most thriving start-ups that succeeded thanks to WordPress? Do you consider this technology a good development solution for your corporate goals? You bet! In this review, we want to discuss all the most lucrative advantages of WordPress for specialists and enterprise owners. We want to stay objective, so we aren’t going to skip some obvious issues that usually arise. So, let’s get down to business!

Advantages of WordPress for development agencies

Are you willing to know why so many specialists all over the world fall for WordPress? Here we gathered just the most obvious advantages for our specialists to choose this CMS:

  • WordPress has one of the biggest communities, which is why it’s always possible to find plenty of useful resources and needed support from others.
  • WordPress features an extremely high level of customization, which allows developers to build unique themes and plugins and create high-quality projects.
  • WordPress offers plenty of tools that can be useful to build websites across all industries – from multi-functional e-commerce stores to private blogs.
  • WordPress is easy to work with even for developers with a lack of work experience.
  • WordPress implements numerous security measures and regularly upgrades the security framework.
  • WordPress displays tools that help websites scale if they need to respond to new challenges.
  • WordPress offers very customizable and user-friendly website maintenance tools, which guarantees its proper functioning in the long run.

To cut a long story short, WordPress has everything any developer could expect from a high-quality CMS!

Advantages of WordPress for business owners

This solution is easy to operate for development teams. But why do business managers prefer this CMS for their web-based projects? Here are several important reasons to consider:

Intuitive interface

Thanks to the user-friendly functions of this tool, website administrators can easily change and update content without the involvement of technical specialists.

A high degree of customizability

WordPress allows using eccentric themes and plugins, which allows website owners to create truly customizable projects. Thanks to a high degree of customization, everything displayed on a website will reflect the brand identity and satisfy specific design requirements.


This solution is highly optimized for search engines. Thanks to this feature, content on the website will be ranked higher in search. This will help to generate more organic traffic and boost sales.

Responsive framework

For business owners, it’s important that their web resources are convenient to use on any device. This will help to achieve global reach. WordPress solutions feature a very responsive design, meaning they can optimize for use on any gadget, including smartphones.


One company might work in different niches. Therefore, it will need websites for different industries. WordPress can satisfy this need. It’s flexible to create all types of websites your company might need.

Is WordPress good for big projects?

There’s a popular belief that WordPress is only suitable to create small websites. But this is just a myth. This solution is very frequently used by development service providers who work on websites for big enterprises. Actually, this CMS powers over 35% of all websites.

WordPress is very flexible and scalable. Thanks to these features, WordPress is popular among businesses who expect their websites to grow in the nearest future. Moreover, WordPress displayed a lot of advanced plugins useful for big projects. This selection includes e-commerce capabilities and contact forms, for instance.

In general, WordPress has enough capabilities to deal with the development of large-size websites across different industries.

Big businesses that used WordPress

  • Slack
  • Etsy
  • Zoom
  • Patreon
  • Asana
  • Dropbox
  • Foursquare
  • Coursera
  • Instacart

This is just a short list of famous companies that enjoy using the capabilities of WordPress. If you want to learn more about other startups whose websites work thanks to this CMS, go to the buildwith.com website.

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course, WordPress isn’t an ultimately perfect solution that has no bugs and major issues. Several challenges might occur:

  1. Security issues: The protection framework of this solution isn’t perfect. That is why it’s updated on a regular basis. It’s important to follow these updates and make sure you use the latest versions of themes and plugins that have minimum weak spots.
  2. Capability issues: It’s quite common for users to face capability issues after the updates of themes and plugins. This can lead to frequent errors on the website.
  3. Performance issues: Large images, badly coded themes or plugins, big traffic, and some other issues can lead to poor performance of the WordPress-powered website.
  4. Plugin conflicts: Errors on WordPress-powered websites can also occur due to conflicts between WordPress plugins.
  5. User errors: Many aspects of the quality performance of WordPress depend on its users. If a user changes settings by mistake, it might be quite difficult to adjust them properly again.

Despite all this, preventing such issues isn’t a big deal if a team regularly updates the WordPress-powered websites and utilizes reliable themes and plugins. Backup of high quality is very important, so we suggest cooperating with developers who have enough experience with WordPress to provide it.

The assistance of our development team is what you actually need to build the website of your dreams that will operate reliably and generate the necessary traffic for your business goals!

Don’t harness your imagination – let’s use the full potential and capabilities of the WordPress system together!

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